Distributed over various sites, we dispose of extensive machinery, amongst others consisting of printing machines, plain and rotary die-presses, inliners for small and very large American folding cartons, and a wide range of folding- and gluing machines. We also have a large number of finishing machines for gluing, bonding, taping, erecting, etc.




We like to look beyond the packing table, as packaging costs consist of much more than only the expenses one has for materials. Consider e.g. the costs for the employee who does the packing, but also those for the entire logistics department. Consider the costs for shipping and reflect about the way in which the customer would like to receive the product and, possibly, return it. In other words: focus on the "total cost of ownership". This is what we strive for when we are given the opportunity to carry out supply chain management projects for our customers. To assess, together with the customer, opportunities for economising that in the end lead to the best possible result.


By means of our logistics services, we relieve our customers of a number of risks. Amongst others, we monitor minimum stock levels and take in new stock on a timely basis, make on call deliveries right to your packing table, and keep a close eye on fluctuations in purchased volumes. Once used to our logistics concept, it is experienced that having to bear all the risks of keeping packaging materials in stock yourself is a thing of the past, even where financing these stocks is concerned.


We carry out custom deliveries throughout Europe. Whether this is done by means of an HQ40" freight container or a small truck with a tail-lift. All logistics solutions are possible. Apart from this, we also offer a just-in-time concept with deliveries within 24 to 72 hours throughout Europe. For us, borders are an alien concept.



The questions our customers submit with regards to non standard packaging solutions for more specific articles such as furniture, exhibition booths, sculptures, business gifts, etc., always prove a nice challenge for our design team. We are happy to take on such projects, so please feel free to provide our team with a good challenge!