Regular, slotted boxes
We manufacture American slotted boxes in all run volumes and sizes, ranging from very small single-fluted to very large triple-fluted versions. For this purpose, we have extensive machinery at our disposal, with which printing boxes obviously does not pose any difficulty.

Die-cut boxes
Akarton has a lot of experience in manufacturing die-cut packaging materials. We have different die-cut machines and are therefore always able to process both small as well as large runs. We have the possibility to print these using the flexo or offset process.

Multi-point glued boxes
Autolock bottom, 4- or 6-point bonding or special bonding constructions are no problem at all. We have several bonding machines at our disposal and are therefore able to process practically all types.

Packaging constructions
Amongst others, we are specialised in assembling packaging solutions with different parts, in erecting of die-cut packaging for faster processing at the customer's site, in assembling our customers' packaging types and components, and even in filling the products into the customers' packaging materials. For this purpose, we have established our concept "The Green Society", through which we often fill staffing needs with employees who have incurred a disadvantage towards the labour market, so that they can gain experience in working in a regular business.

Other packaging requirements?
As an experienced trading partner with an extensive network, we also offer our customers the service of procuring other packaging materials from us. Examples are foam parts, wooden constructions, consumables such as tape, etc.













(Corrugated) cardboard packaging materials have been used for more than 1,000 years. However, particularly in recent years, there has been a major shift towards technological improvements. The reduction of the weight in grams, retaining the same strength, the adaptation of the wave density and the shift from regular new paper (Kraft) towards alternative products, have lead to a number of innovations. We keep a close eye on these innovations and, where possible, gladly take the initiative. However, our know-how isn't limited to only (corrugated) cardboard. Thanks to our experience in the market, we find ourselves in a continuous learning process with respect to plastic, wooden or foam packaging applications. If required, we can also provide these, as we throughout the years have established an extensive network of partners. (Corrugated) cardboard isn't always the best solution, and that's why it's good to know that you can also turn to us for other materials.




For the small consumer, we have implemented This web shop covers the basic requirements in packaging materials, such as removal boxes, packaging for paintings, pallet covers, standard boxes and the like. But we are happy to create a custom-made product or offer for you.



We manufacture (corrugated) cardboard packaging solutions such as American folding boxes,  die-cut packaging, pallet boxes, autolock boxes and trays. As a manufacturer, we offer an extensive assortment, including custom-made products. Examples are the corrugated F- and AAC-type packaging concepts, and every type of corrugated product that lies within this range.  Also where size, application, materials composition, printing technology or run size are concerned, we hardly have any limitations. We for instance make cardboard trays for bakeries, that have a coating which makes it possible to heat them to temperatures of up to 250 degrees, which means that the bread can be baked directly in them. 100% watertight packaging solutions, or a combination of different parts in order to achieve an ideal solution for shipping car glass is not a problem for us, either. In short, we know no limitations and are eager to accept a challenge.