We are continuously conducting research into new technologies and applications. The cooperation with a number of customers has already lead to unique innovations. We are therefore always interested in taking on new challenges, but are also open to cooperating with existing parties and concepts.




In our multi-storey warehouse, we have a warehousing capacity of almost 50,000 m3, and we have the disposal of several low-rise warehouses, both for our own raw materials as well as for the packaging materials and even finished products of our customers.




Venlo, home of Akarton's main site, has for years been one of the logistical hotspots of Europe, and in 2014, it even became the number one spot, leaving major locations such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg behind. It is therefore no problem at all to conduct logistics services from Venlo. It enables us to guarantee outstanding delivery conditions throughout Europe.




We are dedicated to sustainability and are committed to conducting our processes in a fashion that is environmentally most beneficial. That is why we obtained ISO 14001-certification, with an emphasis on the ISO 14064-prerequisites for a reduction of CO2-emissions. We also procured FSC®-certification and are therefore vigilant with respect to purchasing raw materials that were not produced in a responsible fashion.



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