We manufacture (corrugated) cardboard packaging solutions such as American folding boxes,  die-cut packaging, pallet boxes, autolock boxes and trays. As a manufacturer, we offer an extensive assortment, including custom-made products. Examples are the corrugated F- and AAC-type packaging concepts, and every type of corrugated product that lies within this range.  Also where size, application, materials composition, printing technology or run size are concerned, we hardly have any limitations. We for instance make cardboard trays for bakeries, that have a coating which makes it possible to heat them to temperatures of up to 250 degrees, which means that the bread can be baked directly in them. 100% watertight packaging solutions, or a combination of different parts in order to achieve an ideal solution for shipping car glass is not a problem for us, either. In short, we know no limitations and are eager to accept a challenge.