Brilliant project with Jannie Schmitz for the Rabobank Venlo. A wonderfully innovative way to use traditional material such as cardboard.
XXL casing
Mayor Antoin Scholten, together with Commissioner of the King for Limburg, Theo Bovens, inaugurated the lovely new municipal office in Venlo. This building has been entirely realised according to the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Akarton created a fully recyclable XXL cardboard casing for the unveiling of this wonderful scale model of the building.
Leolux tree
This beautiful cardboard display tree can be admired in all showrooms of this globally renowned furniture brand. On site, the digitally printed display tree will embellish the interior of showrooms, and provide the possibility to present Leolux brochures. Each tree is individually packaged and shipped to local dealers, who can easily assemble the tree by hand, following the included Instructions for assembly.
Beautiful Innovation in cooperation with Recycold and the HAS Den Bosch for the shipment of products such as fresh produce and medical articles items through parcel services.
Vacant shop
Together with Flexiwall, Akarton has started a pilot project for the inner city of Venlo. Vacant shops do not always entice a pleasant shopping experience, but it's also difficult for parties interested in buildings to get an impression of how a shop would look if it were furnished. In cooperation with Flexiwall, we developed a pop-up concept for very quickly giving a vacant shop a temporary character, thus improving the streetscape and making It easier to let out/sell the shop. This pilot will during the months to come be rolled out further in the Netherlands and Germany, with a focus on flexibility in all aspects (design, costs, variants).
Stereo Sunday
Akarton designs 100% recyclable cardboard stage.
The 2015 edition of the VenloStormt obstacle course was a major success, and especially the obstacle that was created by Akarton, the Wijnen bouwgroep and Lions Venlo-Maas appealed to all participants and not in the least the public. More than 4,000 participants tried their hand at the cardboard pirate ship and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the onlookers.
Akarton solved a logistical problem for one of its customers. Not only did it save a lot in logistical costs but also the costs for finance of stock and damages was reduces to almost zero. For this Kanban-solution Akarton received the award for ‘Top Supplier in the category Continuous Improvement’

The regular flight cases are heavy and expensive. Our cardboard versions are light, cost efficient and environmental friendly. We can produce them according to your demands.